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October is one of my busiest months of the year helping clients get their product photos done before the holiday rush. Note to self for 2021, start holiday product photoshoots in September if not August – its was pretty hectic as I am still working part-time until my youngest is in full-day school next year. I didn’t get a chance to share much on @brierbreton, between deadlines, and two kiddos in Hockey this year. So here is a quick recap:

Lace Brick Design

Lace Brick Design is a Calgary based, female-founded adventure style clothing and accessories brand. I have the chance to work with Jackie from Lace Brick twice a year just to update photos for her e-commerce; she has a so many sweatshirts, touques, tanks, and accessories that are mountain or camping themed. I especially love the Adventure Bags  – you can easily pack up for a whole weekend of camping in them.

Check out @lacebrickdesign or lacebrickdesign.com for more of their style and products. 

Prevention Dental Hygiene with Simplified Social 

It was a pleasure meeting with Sara Farrelly at her Dental Hygiene Clinic in High River for a photoshoot in partnership with Simplified Social. This brand photoshoot was set up to highlight Sara in her workplace so Simplified Social could work their magic and personalize her website.


Jaclyn and Cam, created Collab following the Covid-19 initial lockdown and identifying a need to support the local maker community. It is great shop featuring a variety of products from the local community. Jaclyn is also the owner of Jaybee Designs and a true supporter of shopping small and shopping local. 

Visit Collab in Southcentre Mall or shop online

Oxeye Floral Co

Oxeye Floral Co has taken on an old school art of pressed florals and gave it a modern twist! I am happy to own two Oxeye Floral purses, I have gifted one of her prints and have used the freebies a number of times (colouring sheets, treat bag tags, gift tags, and more). This photoshoot was to style new clutches, totes, baby blankets, beautiful floral prints, and a few new freebie items. 

Booby Food

This is one of those products  and services I wish was around when my kiddos were in the baby stage of life! Booby Food makes #momlife easier by taking the stress out of mealtime. From freeze-drying breastmilk, to teaching parents how to make their own nutritiously delicious baby food and helping Mamas gain confidence and take charge of their health through diet and nutrition from postpartum and beyond. As amazing as the product is Janna is even more so, she is caring, passionate and exactly the person I want to learn from. 

I have worked with Booby Food in the past and always enjoy styling these  photos because the props used are fresh food and things from my kitchen. For this session Jana, the owner of Booby Food really went above and beyond for her preparation for the shoot. She supplied all of the props for the shoot that were not food related, and all were of course in her teal brand colour. It made my work a lot easier. This photoshoot was also to update images with her new product packaging which was very well done.


Essentials by Nature

If you follow along with me on Instagram you may already know just how much I love to take photos of these products and I love to use them as well. Some of the products created by Essentials by Nature have become part of my daily self-care routine. 

As a monthly client, this session was to capture styled photos of the Lushes Lashes Serum and Facial Toner.  

Friday Sock Co

Friday Sock Co designs purposely mismatches socks in Canada and has them ethically manufactured in Italy. My family is a big fan of Friday Sock Co! My kiddos, husband, and myself wear them daily. We even try to coordinate with outfits or for occasions. 

Jaybee Design

The owner of Jaybee Design is one of my favourite OG clients. That’s right, I refer to my long standing clients as my Original Gangsta clients – these are the ones who have been there from the start, when I was awkwardly booking shoots, didn’t understand how to properly price, and sending invoices in PDF attachments. 

Jaclyn on the other hand has always been super professional to work with, and also someone I could meet at the park for a play date pre-lockdown. We only did this once but I wish we did it more when we had the chance! 

She designs each greeting card, post card, pin, keychain, and sticker you see on her site. She also is the owner of Collab! 

Here is a look at the Christmas themed product shoot: 

October Recap