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I love styling products and creating content in my home studio to make your visual goals come to life!

I am an East Coast girl at heart living in Calgary, Alberta and I happily work with small business locally and across Canada


Styled Product Photography

is my favourite!

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The photographer behind Brier Breton. Thanks so much for stopping by the new site!

I support entrepreneurs and small businesses with styled stock, product and brand photography. I can’t wait to share new stock photo collections, product and brand projects, and all things in the works with you.

I needed more. I dream big, have a heck of a lot of lot of goals, and two little rascals constantly on the go rushing between school, skating, hockey, golf, rugby - the works. A few years ago I hit a point where something had to give, although I felt like my career was just getting going I need more flexibility, I needed to do something creative, and something for myself. 

is my favourite. My absolute favourite. I love making a vision come to life by creating styled product photos that enhance your brand. 

Keeping up on all the things as a small business owner is tough! Even as a photographer I have felt like I was wasting time scrolling through my phone looking for something to post on social. Your limited time can be spent in much more productive ways. 
The stock shop is designed for you to continue building your brand with pretty images, at a much lower cost than a full photography session. 


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