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Faking a bathroom set up for product photography is easier than you may think, it costs a little bit of money and some time but is way cheaper than a bathroom remodel or renting a studio space.

What you will need:

  • Product(s)
  • Two backdrops (floor and wall)
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Glass from a picture frame
  • Camera/phone

Select what you will use as for your backdrops, for this shoot I used matching tile wall panelling from Home Depot. When selecting a backdrop look for something that is matte, water resistant, and looks like it could be in a bathroom like tile, or marble. I have used backdrops intended for food photography for similar set ups and they worked great, just do not leave the water sitting on them for too long, most are water resistant but not fully waterproof. As much as I love my paper backdrops they are not ideal for this situation.

Set up your backdrops close to a window that offers a lot of light but not direct sunlight. I placed my backdrops directly on the floor as they are quite large however a table top for small backdrops would work great as well. Either lean or hang the backdrop you will use for the wall. Place your product in the centre of the floor backdrop and carefully place the glass about two-three inches in front of the product. Spray the glass and product with water and start shooting!

The glass is optional but it does provide the look of a glass shower door, you could also flip it horizontally to use it as a glass shelf.

Instead of spraying the product you could pour water to create the look of a shower like I did here:

This same set up could be great for shooting video content for reels and tiktok as well!

Product Photography Idea: Fake a Bathroom Shower