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Now that we are a few days into August I thought it was time I finally share a quick recap of the product photography sessions that took place in May! If you happen to follow along with these posts or on Instagram this blog may look light compared to other months – in addition to what you see below I also had the opportunity to host a photoshoot for Lymph Essentials and Oxeye Floral Co. for images to be released later this year.

Fox & Flower Design

I was so happy to work with Sandra from Fox & Flower Design for another session, after just working together in April. For this product photoshoot Sandra requested a mini session as she was focusing on launching one limited edition flower pot for Mother’s Day along with one her her amazing candles and the most beautiful bouquet from Gardenia Flower Boutique. I am always pleased to return products following each session with Fox & Flower and all the clients I work with, for this mini Sandra was so kind to let me keep everything from this session! The flowers were so nice to keep but I was the most excited to light the candle in my kitchen and add a plant to the cute pink pot for my office!

Jaybee Design

Last time I wrote I post I said I was running out of things to say about Jaybee Designs because they are included in every blog post to date 🙂 Incase this is your first time reading, Jaybee Designs creates greeting cards for pretty much any occasion you can think of. Her designs are so good she has also created keychains, postcards, pins, stickers, and more. Currently the new birthday cards, postcards from previous shoots, and all the stickers are my favs!

I am beyond grateful to have consistent clients like Jaclyn who have been there from the beginning and continue to create amazing products that need to be styled and photographed! Jaclyn and her husband, Cameron, are true supporters of local artisans and small businesses, they also own and operate Collab a storefront located in Southcentre Mall in YYC that curates an amazing selection of local and Canadian produced products.

Friday Sock Co.

Want to know a secret? Every time an email pops up from the folks at Friday Sock Co. I do a happy dance. And in May I had the chance to happy dance for two separate photoshoots.

This is another small business (not so small now!) that I have been working with from the beginning. Now that I have a handle on what they need in terms of product listings and posts for social, they have really let me get creative and come up with the majority of the concepts for each shoot. It’s also worth mentioning that my kiddos and husband step in as foot models for each shoot and are BIG fans of Friday Sock Co and all of the creative purposively mismatched socks. I especially like that the kid socks come in a set of 3, not 2 socks per pair but 3 per pair/set. For all the parents out there can understand just how handy this is!

Early into May I had the chance to take photos for their new plan collection, these images were so fun to create!

Later in May I had the chance to work with Friday Sock Co. again in preparation to advertise their Father’s Dat themed socks.

Ebony and Ivory Candle Co.

Ebony and Ivory actually scheduled two shoots for the month and sent a ton of products for me to work with. First up was for a new Harry Potter inspired candle collection and OMG this session was soooo good! This was clearly not my usual style but I had so much fun adding a darker mystical look to the set ups. To pull off the level of styling requested the owner of Ebony and Ivory included plenty of Harry Potter themed props.

The second product photoshoot with Ebony & Ivory Candle Co. was to style their classic candles, this photoshoot needed to be bright using a lot of white while styling the candles in ways you would find them in a home.

That’s all that I can show you for May, check back soon to see what I worked on in June 🙂

May Recap