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Product Photography: What’s in my product photography toolbox

We know that every photographer has a camera bag and I am always curious to see what style of bag each photographer uses, did they go for style or function? I like to take a peek inside and see if they shoot minimal or pack every tool they own, how many lenses do they bring, do they use a camera strap and what style? This is all so interesting to me and can say a lot about the person behind the camera.

My camera bag is not interesting, at all. It is super cute, of course, and I get compliments on it when I do use it but it sits empty in a corner collecting dust most days. I primarily work from my home studio, so I keep my tripod and camera out in my workspace, along with backdrops, props, lighting equipment, and whatever project I am currently working on, picture organized chaos.

After constantly searching for the smaller items I use on a daily basis I put a styling toolbox together for myself a couple of years ago and it was a major time saver having everything in one place. For those starting to take their own product photos I highly suggest creating your own photoshoot toolbox. Here is a look at mine.

  1. Sticky Tac – I use sticky tack for almost every photoshoot. It is great for holding bottles in place for flatlays, it is also great for holing props in place and keeping greeting cards closed for flatlays as well. The best part is it does not damage the product.
  2. Clamps: These are great for mounting backdrops to a stand or hard surface, holding reflectors in place.
  3. Painter’s Tape: I use this to secure backdrops to table tops or walls – painters tape is strong enough to hold up my PVC backdrops without leaving marks on my walls.
  4. Candle jar lids: These are great for creating space between a backdrop and the product or props when shooting flatflatlays, especially for things like greeting cards and notepads.
  5. Small translucent reflector: This is great for softening natural or artificial light and reducing shadows. I have a large scale one I use and keep this one in the tool ox to use as needed
  6. Micro cloths: These are great to have on hand for keeping products clean and finger print free
  7. Dust Blower: This is a super gentle way to remove dust or hair from products and props once you have the shot set up

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What’s in my product photography toolbox